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CC‑Link, The Non-Stop Open Network ™, is the leading open network in Asia, and integrating CC‑Link technology into your product can open new doors into these markets. It is also becoming well accepted in both Europe and North America due to its ease of use, strong productivity features and high performance.

CC‑Link offers a comprehensive open network architecture that reaches from enterprise IT connectivity to simple digital I/O on the shop floor. It is also the only open gigabit Ethernet technology for automation today, linking both controller and field devices throughout a plant.

With a global installed base of almost 14,000,000 nodes, more than 1,400 products from 300 manufacturers and over 2,300 partner companies, it’s time you saw what CC‑Link can do for your business.

Latest News

  • 27/01/2016 – CC-Link IE – the natural choice for Industry 4.0

    The CC-Link Partner Association's (CLPA) CC-Link IE is the only industrial Ethernet technology available today that offers gigabit performance. The SPS/IPC/Drives 2015 fair provided a perfect platform to visit the CLPA and find out how it will support the Industry 4.0 needs of the future.